Work At Home

I have always searched for work at home jobs but have not been able to find anything full time due to most require office or admin experience. If you have worked in an office for even a small amount of time then you should be able to find a job that fits what you need.

Looking for work at home jobs can be time consuming so it is helpful to take a break now and then until you find the right job that fits what you are looking for. There are a lot more options to choose from than there were when my children were little. I will give you some resources to help you with your job search. I hope some of these will be what you are looking for.

Tip: Always choose jobs that do not charge a fee to work for them or get information. Some will require a fee for a background check, but many will reimburse you on the first check or two. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is 🙂

A Great source of income is Mystery Shopping. I have been doing shops off and on for almost ten years.

I could make a full time income in my area doing Mystery Shopping if I didn’t get so nervous driving in certain areas. The more companies you sign up for the more chances you have to increase your income because some companies will have only a few if any to choose from.

Payment can be anywhere from 30-60 days.I use notepad to keep track of shops done each month with the amount due. I keep track of when payments are paid since some wait so long, I need to know what payments are coming in and what income I am producing for the current month so I don’t get the two confused.

I have a folder labeled mystery shopping  to help me know which websites I have signed up for. I have been trying to different ones for the experience and to make me feel more comfortable while doing them.

They do require you to be focused and pay attention to details for the shop, so it’s easy to get frustrated at first because it may seem like they want so much for what seems like little pay. Keep this in mind and understand that it may be hard to do with your little ones and would be better to do when you have someone watching them. Scheduling several shops in a day or week will really add up at the end of the month.

Below are some resources to help you get started earning extra income:

Jancyn I absolutely love this mystery shopping company. Different mystery shops that include various retail shops. Please use Tina Klein as referral name and if they ask for my email.

Intelli-Shop I love this mystery shopping company also. Plenty of shops to choose from as well as a variety and easy to work with. You do have to contact scheduler to reschedule, but I did so without any problem.

North Fork Research I have done serveral shops for them, they are meticulous about the reports, just take your time and email with any questions you may have.

Trend Source Grocery Shops and various other projects that include auditing etc.

I Secret Shop Has several shops to choose from including web and phone shops. Easy to use, I have done one for them and plan on doing more.

Pinnacle Strategies Focuses mainly on banking shops.

Best Mark Focuses in the automotive industry.

EPMS Mystery Shopping I am signed up but have not done one yet, they are apartment shops and pay $25.00 so can add up quickly. Reports will need to provide precise details. Some shoppers really love to do these.

Admusement Advantage This is a mystery shopping company that can be done with the kids. Focuses on attractions that you would take your children to on the weekends.Please use Tina Klein or for referral spot.

More Mystery Shopping Resources:

Job Slinger This is a great place to look for current mystery shops that are available. You can also sign up for that mystery shopping company if you are not already.

Violation Has tons of Mystery Shopping Companies to sign up for.

Mystery Shopping Forum Lot’s of topics to learn about Mystery Shopping and find shops in your area.

Other Work at Home Jobs & Resources:

Lyft I got approved with Lyft in about two weeks and was excited to start, but I only like driving certain areas. You have to accept the ride and it does not tell you where or how far your going. This would be great for someone who drives a lot and feel comfortable driving in all areas of where they live. I should give them another try soon, great way to earn extra money.

Door Dash: My daughter has done this a few times, and I feel it is worth the time and effort. When we do it, we are going to do it as a team and split the money, highly recommend. Please enter referral phone as: 214-604-8842

TNG Offer’s Merchandising which goes hand in hand with mystery shopping. It offer’s a flexible part time schedule that you can do through the week and most of the jobs do not require weekends.  Once you have some merchandising experience, other companies will want to hire you…job security 🙂

Handy Pro Have previous cleaning experience or are you a handy man or lawn technician? Great way to pick up jobs in your area. My daughter works for them and averages around 16 an hour. You are allowed to bring someone with you to help clean the big jobs, you are responsible for paying them. I have done a few jobs with her, good way to earn extra money.

Fiverr Use your Work experience to create a little extra income. They have Gigs that start at 5.00 or you can add services for more detailed jobs for the amount you think is fair. Anything from resumes, seo, graphic design, website building, press releases, marketing, etc. Browse around and see what unique talents you can add on fiverr. I have gotten a lot of work done from fiverr such as press releases, my book edited, formatted, and book design that saved me a lot of money.

E Lance Jobs Search Freelancing jobs available whatever your profession is such as: Web Designers, Writing, Office, translation, customer service, online marketing, and so much more. Sign and find jobs so you can earn extra cash today.

Flex Jobs Great site for remote, part-time, & other flexible jobs! – Use code FRIEND30 for up to 30% off. Use Referral Tina Klein or I am a member and still learning how to navigate the best search terms to get the results I need.

Rat Race Rebellion Has tons of jobs to choose from…from mystery shopping, medical transcription, call center, surveys, and so much more. Even has a today’s job leads you can check for the most current job leads.