Ways To Save

Now that my girls are all grown up..It’s time for me to start saving for my future. I am in good health, but we never know what lies ahead. I have been trying to save for 3 years without much success,¬†Things have came up that made it difficult, but I think I spend a lot of unnecessary money. I am used to doing everything for the girls, so I still take care of them financially more than I should..but habits are hard to break!

Together maybe we can share different ways to save and grow (or at least try) our savings slowly with just a few changes in our budget.

An easy way to save without feeling it out of our budget is the 52 Week Savings Challenge..I have created a facebook page, and if you do the challenge each week you will have $1,379.00 at the end of the year. Want to save more? Create a 2nd or even 3rd envelope!

52 Week Savings Challenge

I personally spend way too much on eating out, I don’t like to cook and I am always working. For 2015 I am going to work on cutting down my cost in this area…Not saying I won’t eat out, but need to spend less and try to eat at home more often. I am 105 lbs but little people always order more than they can eat, and waste most of it.

One tip I am going to share and use would be to order kids meals if you have a small appetite, or share a meal if going to a restaurant. I did that today and spent 8.00 less than I usually do for two of us to eat.

When shopping online…no matter what it is always check for a coupon code..I saved $30.00 this week on ordering business checks…you never know unless you try! My favorite site for this:
Retail Me Not

Have children? Leave them at home when grocery shopping!! I promise you will save $20.00 each time with this small tip! My youngest now 17 (spoiled rotten) guaranteed to drop a bill when I take her to wal-mart! Everytime I say “Why did I think this was a good idea…Why did I fall for this?”

Depending on how much time you have depends on how much you can save..Sign up for Swagbucks and you can earn gift cards ect for searching and doing different tasks


Even if you don’t have time to coupon…take advantage of price matching at Wal-mart or any other stores that may offer price matching.

Plant a small garden of fruits and vegetables that you use most often if you have the time and space to do so.

More tips to come…Please share your money saving tips in the comment section below, and I could add them to this page to help other readers.