Super Coupon Woman’s 2019 Get Out Of Debt Journey

So I have been sharing my debt journey since 2017 and have made a lot of progress but due to life events of job loss and helping out family, my debt went back up some so I will keep plugging away until I am debt free and have some savings in the bank. I am updating the page to show current debts and the amount paid from the last two years.

Bills As Follows:

Rent 825.00 (In April or May this will go down to 525) My youngest started paying rent  in January but I had to borrow some money so will deduct her rent until amount is paid back)

Car 357.00

Insurance 220.00

Misc: 250.00 (prepaid electric, rental insurance, and credit cards)

Total: 1,405.00

Other Debt: January 2019

Capital One  450

Capital One  450

Milestone:    220

Wayfair        200

Kohl’s           600

Amazon       1900

Target          1600

Rise Loan     2000

Total:            7420

Feb 2017 Total: 9,690.00 2019 Debt Total: 19,500.00
Jan 2019 Total: 7,420.00 Includes New Debt
Debt Paid: 13,100.00