Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a great way to make extra money, although there is a lot of mystery shoppers which means a lot of competition. There is still plenty of money to be made because they don’t pay a lot per shop, so I think some just decide that it’s not worth it. Most shops pay anywhere between $5 to $15.00 per shop, and some will have expense reimbursement. If you do several a day that are located in the same area, it’s a great way to make a little extra cash. Another down fall is some companies may take a month or two to it would be hard to calculate what you will be bringing in per month. Mystery Shopping Companies take their responsibility very seriously, so please be sure to focus and follow the instructions to a tee, or you will have to redo the shop to get paid! I really do like mystery shopping, and wish I had more time to devote to it. I can at least share these great companies with everyone. The more companies you sign up to mystery shop for, the more jobs you have to choose from.

Job Slinger  This is a great place to look for current mystery shops that are available. You can also sign up for that mystery shopping company if you are not already.

Violation  Has tons of Mystery Shopping Companies to sign up for


Here are a variety of Mystery Shop Companies to Choose From:
Ace Mystery Shopping  variety of shops including easy menu board shops.

Best mark

GFK  a lot of smart phone shops

Intelli Shop Lot’s of Fast Food Shops

Market Force variety of shops such as fast food shops

Sentry Marketing

Mystery Shops

Shoppers View  Lots of Phone shops to do right from home!

Trend Source  My Favorite…Grocery Shops!