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Since 2010..Super Coupon Woman, Single Mom Tina Klein has set challenges for herself to inspire others,and to show that couponing can allow us to give back no matter what our income level is. I was listening to Joel Osteen, and he said that the little things can make a difference in someone’s life …that we can be their miracle. I want to be that miracle to the family that is struggling to get back on their feet,knowing that others care can give them hope to move forward…Won’t you join me and being someone’s miracle in your community?

November 18,2010
Local Mom Coupons For the Local Food Pantry

March 18,2011
Couponing For A Cause

April 27, 2012
Wylie’s ‘Super Coupon Woman’ inspires others to cut hunger, one coupon at a time

November 25,2013
Wylie Mom Clips Coupons to benefit others
July 1,2015

November 28, 2014
2014 $10,000 Holiday Donaton…85% Savings!!

January 18,2015

Article on Why Super Coupon Woman Donates

July 1, 2015